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Tuesday 21 April 2020

Intelligent Times: Maureen Dowd in Conversation with Jon Sopel on Trump and the Race for the White House

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Intelligent Times is a live event series collaboration between The New York Times and Intelligence Squared, bringing together leading New York Times journalists and thought leaders to discuss the key issues facing the globe today.

Donald Trump is ‘the Kim Kardashian of American politics, replacing substance with solipsism’. Hillary Clinton? She’s a ‘dominatrix’, a ‘manly girl’, ‘a woman who wildly mismanages and bankrupts a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar campaign operation, and then blames sexism in society’ and ‘will dampen the dreams of our daughters.’ And a word to the Obamas: ‘Don’t forget ‘Rule No. 1 of politics: No one sheds tears for anyone lucky enough to live at the White House.’

No American politician is likely to avoid the famous poison pen of The New York Times’s Maureen Dowd, the most influential political columnist in the United States. Known in some quarters as ‘the queen of snark’, Dowd uses her acerbic wit to deliver penetrating analysis of the theatre of Washington politics and the impact of policy on real people. She has been delivering her opinions from the pages of The New York Times since 1995 and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for her investigation into the Clinton impeachment saga. Her insight and wit are never in higher demand than during a presidential campaign – and there’s never been a campaign quite like the current one.

On April 21, Dowd comes to our stage where she will be in conversation with Jon Sopel, the BBC’s North America Editor, who has covered the shenanigans of the Trump administration with his signature wry touch. Together they will dissect the intensifying American presidential campaign, the polarisation in Washington and beyond, and the impact which the election of the next American president is likely to have on events around the world. Join us for an evening of political insight and laser-sharp humour.

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Event Name

Intelligent Times: Maureen Dowd in Conversation with Jon Sopel on Trump and the Race for the White House

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  • Maureen Dowd

    Op-ed columnist on The New York Times

  • Jon Sopel

    BBC’s North America Editor

  • Cadogan Hall
  • 5 Sloane Terrace
  • Belgravia
  • London
  • SW1X 9DQ
  • Tuesday 21 April 2020
  • 7pm to 8:30pm



Maureen Dowd

Op-ed columnist on The New York Times

Op-ed columnist on The New York Times, where she writes about American politics, popular culture and international affairs. In 1999 she won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary. She joined The New York Times in 1983 and has covered nine presidential campaigns, served as The Times’s White House correspondent, and wrote the “On Washington,” column for The Times Magazine. Her bestselling books include Bushworld, which covered the presidency and personality of George W. Bush and Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide. Dowd has also written for GQ, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, The New Republic and other publications.

Jon Sopel

BBC’s North America Editor

BBC’s North America Editor since 2014. As a BBC presenter of 16 years, he has worked variously as the corporation’s Paris Correspondent and Chief Political Correspondent, hosted both The Politics Show and Newsnight and is a regular on HARDtalk, as well as a number of Radio 4 programmes. As North America Editor, he covered the 2016 election at first hand, reporting for the BBC across TV, radio, and online. He has written two books on his time reporting from the US: If Only They Didn't Speak English: Notes From Trump's America and A Year At The Circus: Inside Trump's White House.