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Tuesday October 27 2020, 4pm

Agree to Disagree: How to Increase Trust, Unleash Creativity and Improve Teamwork, with Amy Gallo

We all want to get along with our colleagues. It’s reassuring to feel aligned. And it’s best to avoid friction at work at all costs, right?

Wrong. Disagreement is absolutely fundamental to the health of any organisation. Otherwise poor decisions stand unchallenged and innovation dies. But it’s really important to disagree constructively – with generosity, respect and clear goals. That’s how progress is made.

No one knows more about making the most of conflict in the workplace than Amy Gallo. A contributing editor at the Harvard Business Review and co-host of the Women at Work podcast, Amy is one of the world’s leading researchers on how to get the most out of disagreements. She has researched conflict in workplaces for many years and has a clear set of guidelines and learnings for leaders and team members who need to find a way to air differences without destroying relationships, trust and culture. Amy will help you disagree – in a way that strengthens relationships, trust and culture. A maximum of 40 people will be able to take part in this two-hour and 15 minutes session on Zoom in which participants will be able to interact directly online with Amy. 

Amy has run workshops at companies including Google, Deutsche Bank and Adobe.

The cost of the masterclass is £299 plus VAT. There is a 10% discount for Intelligence Squared+ subscribers and anyone who has previously attended one of our courses for the next 48 hours. To take advantage of this offer, please send an email to info@intelligencesquared.com, stating which of the courses you would like to attend, and a member of the team will share details on how to activate your 10% discount.

All participants will receive a copy of Amy’s book, The HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict.

The format:
  • The event will take place on Zoom
  • The course will run for 2 hours and 15 minutes 
  • The Intelligence Squared team will be on hand to help with any difficulties joining the event
  • All participants will be encouraged to submit questions before the event so that Amy can take time to look over them in advance, but it will be perfectly fine to pose her fresh questions
  • We will allow 15 minutes for troubleshooting and settling in
  • An Intelligence Squared team member will lead the discussion, introducing Amy and leading into the breaks and the end of the programme
  • Amy will speak for 55 minutes
  • After 55 minutes everyone will take a ten-minute break
  • We will resume with further discussion and questions from participants, wrapping up after a second 55-minute session
  • Participants will receive the video and audio immediately after the event. We will clean up the transcript and send that over as soon as it’s available



We know things can pop into your diary unexpectedly. If you sign up for the course but are then unable to join us live on Zoom, we will send you the session recording immediately afterwards, along with the transcript of the masterclass, as soon as it is available.

Event Name

Agree to Disagree: How to Increase Trust, Unleash Creativity and Improve Teamwork, with Amy Gallo

  • Amy Gallo

    Expert in conflict, communication, and workplace dynamics

  • Online event (Zoom)
  • Powered by Zoom
  • Tuesday 27 October 2020
  • 4pm to 6:15pm



Amy Gallo

Expert in conflict, communication, and workplace dynamics

Amy is the author of the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict, co-host of the Women at Work podcast, and a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review, where she writes about workplace dynamics.